Now, for our current BLOCK PARTY line-up, let me introduce you to…

Roger Starliper - Drums

       Roger grew up in West Virginia in a family of musicians.  His mother and aunt were backup singers to the incomparable Patsy Cline in her early years.  A musician himself from youth, Roger has played with military bands as well as groups who opened for Nashville acts like Marty Stuart, Tammy Wynette, Ronnie Milsap, Trisha Yearwood, Doug Stone and many others.  Roger’s most recent experience before joining BLOCK PARTY was with the band Hepcats.  Roger joined Block Party in February, 2019, and he is having a blast playing with these talented musicans!  .

Randy Stout - Rhythm guitar and back-up vocals

       Randy hails from Berks County....born and raised....and has been in 2 prominent bands for the past 25 years.  But for the past 15 years, he's played rhythm guitar and managed his band, Vertigo Vibe, playing steadily throughout 8 PA counties since 2003.  Always a rhythm guitar player, Randy joined Block Party in January, 2018, because of the lure of Krista's vocals and the breadth of music she suggested.  Since there are few bands who's repertoire will span 7 decades and include so many different genres, he knew this band had something special to offer and believed he could help Krista fulfill her dream.  Once he met the other musicians she picked at that first mid-January practice, he knew this was the band for him.  It is truly an honor to be playing with such professional and talented musicians as Krista has assembled.

Krista Jakubik - Lead vocals, keyboards, and hand clapping

       Krista was born and raised in Hummelstown and, besides being an incredible singer, is a wife and mother of three grown children and enjoys taking care of her grandson, Jackson, and writing.  She's had a book, “An Orchid for Sarah Grace”, published in September 2014.  Although a teacher by trade, music has always been a very important part of her life.  She has been singing for over 55 years;  and one of her dreams was to sing in a band.  That dream became a reality in June. 2014, when she joined a band called The Bentley’s. There Krista was given the opportunity, help and support she needed to get started in the music business.  But that was only the beginning.   Continuing with her dream, Krista then joined and sang with Reminisce, an Oldies/Motown band. Her band experience was growing and it was all very exciting; but her ultimate goal was to have a band of her own.   She set off on that journey in November, 2017, with nothing more than a vision and a small CraigsList ad.  By the end of January 2018, she had selected and gathered a team of talented and well-seasoned musicians, and Krista’s dream was fulfilled....the BLOCK PARTY BAND was born. While she feels privileged and humbled to be a part of such a wonderful team, it is only because of her that we are all together.  Krista provides the lead and background vocals and keyboards for BLOCK PARTY; but also adds background vocals, tambourine, wood blocks, hand-clapping and anything else she can add to the mix (did someone say "more cowbell"?).  And in her free time, Krista is also one of the Hershey Bears hockey team National Anthem singers  and auditioned for America’s Got Talent.   She’s looking forward to the next chapter in her life.  
Let the BLOCK PARTY begin!

John Fackler - Bass and vocals

        John started playing bass in a big band when he was 16 years old and spent the next 20 years playing in various road bands and bar bands. He took some time off to raise his children and is now looking forward to making music again in the Block Party Band. John joined BLOCK PARTY in February, 2019 and brings a fullness to the band.  With such a great feel, an exceptional ear, and great lead vocals, it is a true honor to have him be part of our ensemble.

Mike Luckenbill - Lead guitar and lead vocals

       Michael was born and raised in Lancaster County. As a teenager and young adult, he provided guitar and vocals to various local bands from Philadelphia to Harrisburg.  In the mid-1980's he relocated to Southern California and performed in venues in Bakersfield, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.  After retiring from his day job as a school principal, Michael returned to his Pennsylvania roots in 2013 to continue singing and playing guitar.  He loves performing all styles of music, but his favorites are oldies and classic rock.  If ever you have a "special request", just ask Mike....whether it's a Polka, something on the Amish Top 40, an Italian love song, a Latin standard, or even a TV Theme Song...we're sure Mike will know it and can probably play it.



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